Account Services

Fee Schedule



Membership Share: $5.00 par value

Share Account Fees:
ACH Return: $29.00 per item
Dishonored Item: $29.00 per item
Money Market Excessive W/D: $15.00 over 3 per mo.                                                                                                                            Excessive Share W/D fee over 6 per month $3.00                                                                                                                                        Share Account Close fee < 90 Days $5.00

Paper Statement Fee - $1.00 per month                      Estatements - No charge

Share Draft Account Fees:
Overdraft (Any): $29.00 per item
Dishonored Item: $29.00 per item
ATM/Debit Card NSF: $29.00 per item
Foreign ATM: $1.00 per transaction
Stop Payment: $29.00 each placement
Canceled Draft Copy (web no charge): $5.00 per item
Document Copy (web no charge): $5.00 per item
Courtesy Pay: $29.00 per item
ACH Item (cancel, revoke, stop pay): $29.00 per item
Share Draft Printing: Prices vary
Statement/Acct History: $5.00 per copy
Dishonored Item: $29.00 per item
Wire Transfer (ALL): $29.00 per item
Credit Union Official Check: $5.00 per check
Stop Payment (Official CU Check): $30.00 per item
Business Checking: $5.00 per month for balances below $50.00
Escheatment/Legal Process: $25.00 per document
CU Replacement Check: $5.00 per item
Visa Travel Money Card: $5.95 up to $5000
Visa Travel Money Card Reload: $3.00 per item
Inactive Account: $3.00 per month after 12 months                                                                                                                              Dormant Account $25.00 after 60 Months
Money Order: $2.00 per item
Copy of Draft: $5.00 per item
Account Research: $50.00 per hour
Account History Printout: $5.00 per printout
Account Statement Copy: $5.00 per statement
Garnishment: $25.00 per item
Collection: $25.00 per case
Child Support Processing: $5.00 per case
Fax: $2.00 1st page, $1.00 additional pages
Return Mail: $3.00 per item
Share Account Closed within 90 days: $5.00 per account
ATM/Debit Replacement Card: $10.00 per card                                                                                                                                        Draft/Check Cashing fee /Non Member $10.00

VISA Credit Card:

Card or Pin Replacement: $10.00 each
Unreturned Card: $50.00 each
Rush Card: $20.00 per card
Emergency Card: $175.00 per card
Skip A Pay: $15.00 per pymt
Pay by Phone: $15.00 per pymt
Late Payment: $29.00 or required min pymt, which ever is less
Returned Payment: $29.00 or required min pymt, which ever is less
Statement Copy: $5.00 per copy
Document Copy: $3.00 per copy