Pass A Pay

Pass on making your loan payment during the months of November or December.

Each year during the Holiday Season Chivaho offers a "Pass A PAY" loan payment program.  We want our members to enjoy their holiday season with less stress on the wallet.  You can choose to skip the month of November or December without any fees.  

This offer does not apply to real estate secured loans, share or certificate secured loans, lines of credit, those loans with an invalid mailing address at the time of the request, share accounts with a balance of less than $5.00 and/or negative balance.  All Credit Union loans must be current at the time of request.  Loans must be open a minimum of six months.  Interest and any charges for disability, and or life insurance will continue to accrue for any skipped month.  This offer does not guarantee eligibility.  

Chivaho Federal Credit Union reserves the right to change loan eligibility at any time.