The Early Bird Savings Club

Open an Early Bird Savers Club account to begin saving for your child's financial future.  This club has been designed especially to meet the needs of our younger members.  Its a great way to learn about financial responsibility and have fun at the same time.  The credit union can help teach and assist your child in developing a healthy saving habit and good money management.  

Early Bird Perks: 

  • Designed for children 0-12 years old
  • Open an account with as little as $5.00. 
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Early Bird savings journal

Early Bird Benefits:

  • The money saved can assist with educational and personal goals
  • Special incentives are offered by the credit union from time to time which may include deposit matching, special activities and scholarships. 
  • Children will develop useful knowledge of the credit union at an early age.


More information on the the Early Bird Savings Club coming soon...